rnante Eterna

Ornante Eterna is a unique set of innovative products which reproduces any graphic motifs on the facades of buildings. There are few examples of large facade reproductions in Poland, but their view with the city landscape background makes an impression every time.

For example, in Bavaria, a richly decorated paintings of the house's walls are something completely natural. Ornante Eterna fresco represents the highest level of technological advancement, which translates into a product resistant to all atmospheric factors and environmental impact, while maintaining almost unchanged saturation and color reproduction.

The Ornante Eterna solution, hitherto not available in Poland, is a breakthrough in the construction industry and opens up wide possibilities for façade decoration in both private and commercial buildings. In the case of the latter, the facades of industrial buildings or corporate headquarters can become an interestingly developed, large-scale, self-promotional surface or space for creating the company's image on the market.


Ornante Eterna fresco is a material for the decoration of buildings facades inspired by the most-developed technique of wall painting, called al fresco, developed in the Renaissance. It was based on walls decorations made by a painter in the form of paintings created by applying paints on wet plaster. Authentic fresco or buon fresco depended on the artist's whims, demanded incredible artist's skill and its creation consumed a huge amount of time.

Today, hand-painted decorations on the walls, also called polychromes, are rare and, due to the very high costs, are reluctantly chosen. Thanks to Ornante Eterna, connoisseurs of painting, who value unconventionality or enthusiasts of novelty on the interior design market, can enjoy a unique continuation of the Renaissance concepts of decorating the walls - fresco by Ornante Eterna created by hand using contemporary decorative techniques.

Ornante is the only producer of Ornante Eterna decorative materials, which consist of Eterna adhesive, Eterna fresco based on natural plaster and Eterna impregnation. The technology of making frescos by Ornante Eterna has been developed in the Ornante laboratories and is protected by a patent application.

The Ornante Eterna production process is based on manual formation of plaster in order to obtain a carrying layer, the texture which is similar to the texture of the wall - it is grainy, irregular and rough. Then, on plaster layer prepared in this way, any image is reproduced, for example, a favorite painting or inspirational graphic that can be placed on the façades of buildings exposed to atmospheric conditions.

The Eternna Ornante frescoes are flexible, so they can be rolled up, easily transported and applied to the wall like wallpaper. With their help, you can give the facade artistic taste and allow yourself to be under the illusion that the building wall was painted by the master as per your order - just like in Renaissance Florence.

product characteristics

Ornante Eterna Product Characteristics

Currently, on the market there are no materials available for decorating the facade of buildings with any graphic motifs, which imitate wall paintings.

Apart from a traditional walls decoration by an artist, the only available alternative is the Ornante Eterna Kit.

The Ornante Eterna Kit offers everything what other decorative materials can not offer. The uniqueness of Ornante Eterna lies in the possibility of mounting the fresco on the external walls of the building. Ornante Eterna naturally reproduces the appearance of a wall mural, is resistant to harmful atmospheric conditions and offers a wide range of customization and ennobling variants. Ornante Eterna Fresco is handmade and has been designed be highly resistant to moisture, frost, UV radiation and high temperatures, which makes it a unique and reliable solution for the decoration of building facades on a global scale.

Individual elements of the Ornante Eterna Kit, for which the integrity is guaranteed by a 10-year warranty, starting from Eterna adhesive, flexible fresco, through the process of creating the image with water-based paints, ending with the Eterna impregnate, they form a product that is safe for the environment, people and animals .

If you choose the Ornante Eterna fresco, you can be sure that it has been made without use of any chemicals and is therefore non-toxic, so it does not affect the health and well-being of people and animals. It also has a zero emission feature, which translates into the emission of weak and neutral for the environment odor.

Construction of the fresco Ornante Eterna provides an additional layer of insulation on the wall, and thus can be used to mask its unevenness. Ornante Eterna fresco is ideal for uneven surfaces and very scratch resistant.

eterna components

The Ornante Eterna Kit as a product, as well as individual components, constitute a technological secret and are protected by a patent application. Thanks to this, Ornante's products are unique, and not available in any other place. Ornante is the only Polish producer of contemporary frescoes for interior decoration, façades and rooms with high humidity. Because of that, by ordering the Ornante fresco you can be sure that you will receive an original and top quality product.

The Ornante Eterna Kit consists of assembly materials and a flexible Eterna fresco. High resistance to moisture and water effects is guaranteed thanks to the use of technologically advanced Ornante Eterna adhesive and the Ornante Eterna impregnation.

The base of the Ornante Eterna fresco is a flexible bearing layer on which the wall texture with the use of natural plaster and artistic techniques is formed. An optional element may be, depending on the choice of the final effect, the finishing of the plaster with an intermediate varnish. Subsequent to the previously prepared plaster texture, any image can be reproduced using ecological water-based paints.

The intensity of the colors remains the choice. As standard, the material produced has colors imitating classical wall paintings, and therefore delicate, not very intense, slightly faded. The choice of the VIVID option makes the colors of the fresco more decisive and more saturated.

After the application of water-based paints, the refinement of the product in the form of the final varnish is optionally available. The final production stage is impregnation and giving the material a protective layer that makes it durable and protects the graphic motif against minor damage or loss of color. The degree of gloss of the protective layer can also be chosen according to the availability, e.g. matte or glossy finish.

Ornante Eterna Components

frescoes and wall murals aesthetic comparison

Fresco Ornante Eterna:

  • very durable, designed for installation on building facades
  • hand-made, guaranteeing uniqueness
  • creates an impression of a wall painting
  • made from ecological components
  • unlimited variety of manually prepared plaster textures
  • the possibility of an intermediate refinement (gold, silver, pearl, copper)
  • the possibility of color refinement (variant vivid - intense colors, antique variant - the effect of natural aging)
  • the possibility of finishing with the final varnish (matte, gloss)
  • image protected by an impregnant penetrating a layer of plaster, which guarantees high quality and exceptional durability for many years

Photo Wallpaper:

  • not suitable for installation on building facades

installation suggestion

Ornante Eterna Installation Suggestion

The Ornante Eterna fresco surface is waterproof. Ornante Eterna can be used primarily on the facades of buildings on walls exposed to unfavorable weather conditions. In addition, Ornante Eterna is ideal for public spaces where high strength of material is very important.

The Ornante Eterna fresco installation technique is based on a fiberglass base heavy wallpapers installation technique. The Ornante Eterna adhesive is applied directly on the wall, and then subsequent fresco blocks are being arranged. Ornante Eterna, due to its thickness and weight, adheres very well to the wall and does not wrinkle. Ornante Eterna is particularly suitable for uneven and porous facade walls where there is a possibility of cracks and scratches on the wall. On difficult surfaces, the masking properties of Ornante Eterna are particularly appreciated by customers.

Ornante Eterna installation begins on the previously prepared substrate. The mounting surface can be any type of mineral plaster, concrete, bricks, as well as wooden substrates. The perfect foundation for the Ornante Eterna fresco are substrates covered with emulsion paints, which only require cleaning from dirt and degreasing. The majority of substrates in the final phase of preparation for bonding should be primed with a solution of a wallpaper glue or a primer.

Ornante Eterna installation should be carried out at a temperature of +10 to + 20 ° C on walls not heated by the sun. It is important that the ambient temperature is not high, because it affects the properties of the Ornante Eterna adhesive. Since the temperature depends on the time of soaking the fresco panels with glue and the speed of its drying on the wall. Before mounting, all fresco rollers should be laid down in a given room to check their quality and shade.

The matching of the neighboring Ornante Eterna fresco blocks takes place using the overlap technique with a double cut. By making the correct wavy cut at the same time of the two neighboring fresco blocks we get a perfect match, and thanks to the wavy shape of the cut it is difficult to capture for the human eye.

The final assembly stage of Ornante Eterna is the application of Ornante Eterna impregnation on a glued mural. Impregnation of the fresco is aimed at increasing the durability of the plaster to moisture and sealing gaps in the places where the fresco panels are joined.

Ornante guarantees Eterna's resistance to weather conditions when using Eterna installation materials and following the installation instructions.

frescoes and wall murals technical comparison

Fresco Ornante Eterna:

  • resistant to severe weather conditions
  • handmade and ecologically produced
  • on a natural structural plaster, environmentally friendly, with a neutral odor
  • covered with organic, odorless water paint
  • protected with natural impregnation
  • produced in hand, which guarantees uniqueness
  • improves sound isolation
  • improves the thermal insulation of the wall
  • perfectly covers unevenness and defects in the wall

Photo Wall paper:

  • not suitable for installation on building facades