requently asked questions

Below is a list of the most common questions and concerns raised by our customers. If the answers do not include the information you are looking for, you can always contact the customer service department (contact tab).

Frequently asked questions

Is it possible to prepare a fresco with an individual image ?

Of course. On the website, after clicking on the "collections" tab, you will see a link to the individual fresco, where the procedure for ordering a product with your own image is described in detail. If the image has good quality and there is no need to make graphic corrections, the price of the finished fresco does not differ from the price of a standard ORNANTE ATRIUM fresco.

How are the frescos mounted?

Each ordered product comes with detailed, illustrated installation instructions, and for ETERNA and BALNEO products we also provide installation materials, i.e., glue and finishing varnish. Fresco is assembled similarly to wallpaper, only the technique of joining the individual pieces is different. This is done using the double-cutting method. Our installation instructions and a little experience in gluing standard wallpaper are enough to attach the fresco professionally.

What does it mean that Ornante Atrium fresco is non-toxic?

In the production of Ornante frescoes, components of natural origin are used and do not contain chemicals. The basis of the fresco is a natural support fabric and a decorative plaster made by hand during the production process. Water-based paints are applied to the thus prepared material. The finished product does not affect the health or well-being of people or animals in the rooms where it is installed, does not cause allergic or inflammatory reactions. It also has the feature of emission-free, which translates into the emission of a weak and environmentally neutral odor, and vapor-permeability, i.e. the property that allows the free flow of air and water vapor from the wall to the outside of the fresco.

Which interiors is the Ornante Balneo fresco intended for?

For private interiors ORNANTE BALNEO fresco will be a great choice for the bathroom, kitchen or home spa. For commercial interiors, it is an excellent choice for such spaces as swimming pools, aqua parks, thermal baths, saunas, hotel spa & wellness zones, changing rooms/bathrooms in public spaces (e.g. gyms, exercise/dance rooms), beauty salons/massage parlors. ORNANTE BALNEO is also ideal for restaurants with open kitchen environments where guests can watch food being prepared in real time.

What elements make up the Ornante Eterna product ?

ORNANTE ETERNA is a complex product - a monolith that consists of a system of interrelated elements. All of them together form a structure that is characterized by high resistance to abrasion, weather conditions, humidity and color fading. Precisely because of the technological advancement of this product, each meter of fresco is supplemented with installation materials - glue and impregnant, supplied by the manufacturer during the execution of the order. Only when installed using dedicated materials can you be sure that the fresco will maintain its parameters and be able to give a 10-year guarantee on the integrity of the material.

What is the classical fresco painting technique ?

As one of the most difficult painting techniques, it requires from the artist excellent artistry, both technical and artistic. Classical fresco painting consists of applying paint to a fresh layer of plaster and is only possible until this layer is dry. For this reason, the artist must work in a hurry and at the same time very carefully because making any corrections is practically impossible. Work on classical wall paintings is complicated by a limited selection of paints. They must be resistant to the alkaline effect of the lime contained in the mortar. Individual pigments may also react with each other, so they must be properly combined. The artist must anticipate these factors and take them into account in his work. Despite the inconveniences, classical frescoes are considered one of the most durable wall painting techniques.

How can Ornante frescos be personalized ?

Ornante frescos offer much more personalization possibilities than the most luxurious wallpapers or wall coverings. If we were to play the role of a potential customer, the first thing he should do is to choose a painting or a graphic. His subsequent decisions will depend on this. You can choose an image from among those offered in our galleries or you can send your image for technical verification through an individual order. When the image is selected you can decide about its colors - whether they should be natural or more intense (VIVID option). Then you can choose the type of plaster - coarse-grained (GRANO) or fine-grained (FINO) and depending on the thickness of the plaster - the type of rubbing. We offer a choice of six different plaster textures. Three are made in grano plaster (STROMO, PARABOL, MIRAGE) and the remaining three in fino plaster (CIELO, LINEA, ARCUS). At this stage you can also decide on the choice of refinement - for example, ANTIQUE (aged effect), PEROLA (pearl effect), CUPRUM (copper effect), FROST (silver effect), or DOR (gold effect).