resco rediscovered

Formerly time-consuming, depending on the whims of the artist and requiring great craftsmanship - today more accessible, also being the work of human hands, but thanks to the personalization options - exactly what you imagine. Formerly dependent on the climate - the most durable in a dry climate, therefore popular in Italy, but not in damp Venice. Today, they are designed to be resistant to moisture and weather conditions, so they are recommended even for building facades.

Ornante's offer includes three types of products - Ornante Atrium dedicated to dry rooms, Ornante Balneo to damp interiors, whose walls are in contact with water, and Ornante Eterna to cover the facade of buildings and public spaces.

The production process of the Ornante murals relies on the manual formation of the plaster structure, which is similar to the texture of the wall - it is irregular and rough. Any graphic motif - a favorite painting or inspirational graphic - is applied to the prepared plaster layer. The Ornante fresco is flexible, so it can be rolled up, easily transported and mounted on the wall like a wallpaper.

Ornante Echo

ECHO is a novelty in the global arts decoration market. Thanks to the ECHO solution, you can transfer any graphics to almost any surface regardless of the surface structure. ECHO is a material adapted for indoor and outdoor applications on any smooth, rough, shapely and flat surfaces. Place graphics on the walls to create the original mural. Apply decorating on furniture, household appliances, façades, fences or gates. ECHO is a transparet material that takes over the color of the surface to which it is transferred. Apply ECHO to the wall and add graphics to the elements you want to hide - for example, a radiator or air-conditioning. Thanks to ECHO, you are limited only to your imagination.